Project Goals

Gender Equality in Rural and Agricultural Innovation SystemS

This three-year Horizon Europe project is a multi-actor project which aims to empower rural women and increase the number of socio-ecological innovations led by women in agriculture, the rural economy and rural communities. The project will contribute to advancing the UN’s goals on gender parity, realise the EU gender equality strategy, and achieve the goals of the Green Deal, the Farm to Fork strategy, the Long-Term Vision for Rural Areas, and the European Pillar of Social Rights.

GRASS CEILING objectives

1. Establish a testbed through Living Labs (LLs). GRASS CEILING will create a space for co-creation of knowledge between science, policy, business & industry, and women innovators. The LLs will identify ways in which digital inclusion can increase women’s access to training and improve their capacity to undertake innovative actions to achieve socio-ecological transitions.

2. Create tools to improve policies that impact on agriculture and rural women innovators. GRASS CEILING will establish a European Policy Forum for women-led innovation in agriculture and rural areas as a European-wide Science-Society-Policy interface. The project will also benchmark farming and rural development policies and legal frameworks to assess how effectively they adhere to the EU Gender Equality Strategy and foster women led socio-ecological innovation in farming and rural areas.

3. Provide an analysis of the current position of women vis-a-vis the megatrends in European agriculture and rural areas. The project will analyse women´s engagement in farm labour and farm management and in regenerative farming initiatives, their labour market participation and their innovative and civic activities.

4. Co-create knowledge of gender norms and the drivers/enablers of women-led innovation. Using this co-created knowledge, the living labs will actively support women innovators to find out about the specifics of women-led innovations in farming and rural communities, including idea development and reimagining techniques within the innovation process, network learning, accessing relevant knowledge and training, and finance.