European Policy Forum

The online European Policy Forum for women-led innovation in agriculture and rural areas plays a vital role in advocating for change and amplifying women-led socio-ecological innovations in farming, the rural economy, and rural communities.

Aligned with the integrated transdisciplinary and multi-level approach of the GRASS CEILING project, the Forum aims to mobilise stakeholders and create a space for engagement between project participants and the broader community of external actors.

Throughout 2024 and 2025, the Forum will host a kick-off session in spring 2024 and participate in a series of activities such as showcase events, policy workshops, and a foresight exercise.

The Forum is coordinated by AEIDL (European Association for Innovation in Local Development) and Copa-Cogeca.

The main Forum objectives

• Facilitate contributions to key GRASS CEILING research activities by providing a pan-European perspective from stakeholders across the continent.

• Collaboratively develop, refine, and validate policy recommendations and tools to boost women-led innovation at the European and national level.

• Provide a direct channel for knowledge exchange, transfer, sharing best practices, and peer learning.

• Maximise the utilisation of the training academy and support research activities conducted in other work packages.

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