Italian Living Lab holds its third meeting

The third Living Lab under the Grass Ceiling project, which took place on 31 January at CIHEAM Bari, was lunched embracing the idea that ‘building a better world means destroying the old one’.

Seven women innovators, active in the field of open innovation, challenged themselves with exploration and design activities, focusing on the profiles and needs of their target users.

By using teamwork tools such as the Empathy Map and Persona Map, the participants were able to delve into the profiles of potential users of the innovation product and service they intend to develop.

The needs, the interests and even the dreams of the potential users of the innovative product or service pave the way for a broader design thinking process that will take place throughout the three-year course of the project.

After collecting the stories of the personas to address, the innovators, in small working groups, shared their views and concerns in order to better define the “Point Of View (POV) statement” that will help solve their business problems by adopting a creative and empathetic approach.

The users’ attitudes and their motivation, thus, represent the cornerstone of innovation to be promoted within the Living Lab network.

The teams of the two co-leads, Legacoop Puglia and CIHEAM Bari, conducted the sessions in the impressive setting of CIHEAM Bari’s campus.

The Grass Ceiling project is funded by the Horizon Europe programme and will run until next December 2025, with several labs to be held in the 9 countries that are part of the European partnership.

For almost a year now, the LIVING LAB has been a valuable opportunity for the participants to share their experiences of innovation through a direct and active exchange.