Ana’s Berry Haven: A story of tradition and entrepreneurship in the Croatian Living Lab of the GRASS CEILING project

Ana’s Orchard, an oasis of berries, herbs and flowers, is located in the rural part of Zagreb County. Ana is a spirited and determined entrepreneur who has turned her grandmother’s recipes into a thriving business that celebrates the rich flavours and healing properties of nature. Ana Kovačić is also an active participant in the Croatian Living Lab of the GRASS CEILING project.

Ana’s Orchard is a symphony of colours and flavours. Rows of chokeberries, blackberries, raspberries and blueberries thrive under her careful watch. Fragrant mint, soothing lavender and elderberry bushes prosper amongst the berry bushes.

But Ana’s work does not end in the orchard. In her cosy, sun-drenched kitchen, she uses her grandmother’s recipes to make a variety of traditional products, such as jams, tinctures, liqueurs and syrups, all made by hand using natural preservation methods.

Ana is not only a farmer and entrepreneur, she is also a mentor and advisor. Her passion for her business goes hand in hand with a desire to pass on her knowledge. She has summarised her years of experience in a booklet, “Health through berries” (“Bobicom do zdravlja“), a comprehensive guide on the benefits and uses of berries.

Her vision also extends to the next generation. Ana gives workshops on wild fruits in her orchard. She teaches children about the wonders of nature and the importance of preserving traditional practices.

Ana believes that women are creators, capable of nourishing both the land and the community. Ana is the best example of the incredible potential of women in agriculture.