Annalisa Pellegrini (GRASS CEILING Italian Living Lab): “nothing should be lost but everything should be transformed, reducing waste by reusing products”

Annalisa’s world is full of beautiful colours, but “lavender” is the most important of them all! She is one of the eight women participating in the GRASS CEILING Living Lab in Italy.

Annalisa Pellegrini has an Art degree with a specialisation in Woodworking. For many years she worked as a lights designer and set designer in performing art. Then, she moved to Sicily to focus on marble working. Back in her homeland, she attended courses on medicinal plants and after self-taught study, still in progress, in 2019 she decided to recover an unused family plot with her brother. She began growing lavender and other medical and aromatic plants and started an essential oil business, paying attention to environmental sustainability.

The demand for her products increased during the COVID-19 pandemic due to their medical properties and ability to help with anxiety and stress. For these reasons, her passion soon turned into a business.

In her opinion “Every innovation starts with greater awareness”. She is a great lover of ‘vintage’ and she believes in circular economy practices.  “Nothing should be lost but everything should be transformed, reducing waste by reusing products. This process feeds an economic system that regenerates itself”.

This energy inspires her artistic creations, such as the ‘Soy Candles’ dedicated to spring. These handmade candles burn more slowly than traditional ones. It is a responsible and eco-friendly choice: once extinguished, the oil produced while the candles burn can be reused to moisturise hands and body. They are also often used for relaxing massages.

At ExpoLevante in Bari, one of the most important local craft fairs, Annalisa set up a stand to sell her products, recently: bath salts, oils, candles, balms and ointments.  Each item tells a story and describes a trait of her personality and passion for her work

Her natural products, with their soothing and anti-inflammatory properties, are the result of a production process whose flagship product is the essential oil, obtained by steam distillation, 100 % organic.

Lavender, bitter or sweet orange, and lemon: it’s a pleasure to smell her creations!