GRASS CEILING features on Spanish TV programme “La Aventura del Saber”

In an in-depth interview, the coordinators explain the objectives and methodology of this European project that supports rural women in their innovative proposals.

The TV show included the report “Demolishing the Glass Ceiling in the Rural World” that follows eight Spanish women farmers throughout their participation in the project.

The Spanish TV programme “La Aventura del Saber”, wanted to showcase the often-invisible work of women in the rural world, and devoted a large part of yesterday’s episode to the European project GRASS CEILING.

The European Union launched the GRASS CEILING project in March 2023 to address the need to empower rural women and support the sustainable innovation initiatives they are leading in agriculture and livestock farming. Including Spain, nine EU countries are taking part in the project, which involves the creation of Living Labs engaging innovative rural women. Sixty women are participating in these Labs, eight of whom are from Spain.

“La Aventura del Saber” (the Adventure of Knowledge), is one of the longest-running programmes of Spain’s state-owned television station. The producers were keen to feature the GRASS CEILING project and interviewed two of the coordinators in the studio: Margarita Rico González, lecturer at the Higher Technical School of Agricultural Engineers of the University of Valladolid (Palencia Campus) and Carmen Martínez Ramiro, head of the Equality Department of Agrifood Cooperatives in Spain. During the interview both spoke about gender barriers and the main challenges that women face every day on their farms. They highlighted the importance of education, training and knowledge-sharing in order to progress towards sustainable, balanced and competitive rural development.

After the interview, the programme transmitted the report “Demolishing the Glass Ceiling in the Rural World” thatlooks intothe project’s objectives and progress in Spain and follows the work of eight women farmers in the autonomous communities of Asturias, Aragon, and Castile and León.

The daily programme “La Aventura del Saber” has been running for over thirty years, exploring the world of education, environment, science and technology. Focusing on training and outreach, the programme aims to be entertaining and educational through in-depth interviews and investigative reports.