“Yesterday shock, today sadness, tomorrow action and we move on!” Ines Dundović recounts the fire in her company

One of our friends, a participant in this Project and manager of an entrepreneurial company in Croatia, is going through a difficult time. From this page and on behalf of the entire GRASS CEILING consortium, we want to show our support and solidarity with her.

Just a few days ago we were talking about Ines Dundović, a Croatian producer and processor of plant products, entrepreneur and director of the Veggie Company, with three stores in the Zagreb region.

This week we learned that an unfortunate accident caused a fire in their facilities, resulting in the loss of a significant part of their stock and warehouses.

She herself has recounted the episode on social media with the strength and drive that characterises her: “Yesterday shock, today sadness, tomorrow action and we move on!” As Ines has said before, proclaiming to the four winds and with energy “WHAT DOESN’T KILL YOU, MAKES YOU STRONGER!” She went on to thank everyone for the demonstrations of the physical, technical and moral support she has received and the invaluable collaboration of the firefighters in her area.

From this project website we want to highlight that our exceptional entrepreneur, Ines, even though she experienced a fire on her property, which shook her up, she has also demonstrated remarkable strength and resilience, continuing to work with enthusiasm as she prepares the property for renovation. We wish her every success!

And this is the spirit of GRASS CEILING’s entrepreneurial women. Nothing stops them, they are always looking ahead, never back.

So, Ines, we send you our heartfelt encouragement in the recovery of your business. We know that you are going to do very well and from here we will continue to share the news about everything you do to make your work and achievements visible.

A big hug from the entire human team of GRASS CEILING. We are all with you!