Ines Dundović, director of Veggie, a company with three shops in the Zagreb region, participates in the Croatian GRASS CEILING Living Lab

Veggie is a vegetable production and processing company co-founded by Ines Dundović, one of the youngest participants in the Croatian GRASS CEILING Living Lab.

Veggie started out drying tomatoes and today supplies fresh and processed vegetables to restaurants, schools and Gruntek, the largest marketer of organic vegetables with direct sales to the end consumer through weekly vegetable boxes.

Since its inception in 2015, Ines has managed to open three Veggie shops, where she sells her fresh and processed vegetables, to which she has added the products of other local producers. Undoubtedly, Ines is contributing a lot to the development of agriculture in the Zagreb region.

Ines has been working on her parents’ farm all her life and it was after finishing her studies in horticulture at the Faculty of Agriculture in Zagreb that she started Veggie. Recently, the business has expanded to include rural tourism. Ines is a communicative woman who likes to share her knowledge. She is very active in her local community. In fact, she chairs her community’s agricultural committee, which she helped to set up. She has participated in many European projects which have allowed her to acquire new knowledge and to travel abroad a lot to learn about good practices.  

Ines stresses that the greatest benefit of the GRASS CEILING project lies in the creation of networks of women innovators.